Charles Funke Associates are international Landscape Architects and Consultants based in Godalming, Surrey, with experience spanning over 30 years.

The practice provided services throughout the UK and overseas, with projects ranging in scale from the master plan study for the City of Andorra La Vella to private courtyard and garden design. These can be found throughout the world from Germany to the USA and Ireland to the UAE.

Commercial projects undertaken by CFA included Stockley Park Phases 1-3, Heathrow; Gateway House, Basingstoke; Broadgate, London; Petershill, London; Tate Modern; East point Business Park, Dublin; Chiswick Park, London; The Treasury, London.

Employing a holistic design approach, the Practice was driven by the belief that ‘the next design will be our best’. That philosophy inspired a bold and pragmatic approach, evolving through a concept to create unique, sustainable designs, demonstrating the highest standards of authenticity and Horticulture. Our approach was to constantly ‘question’ and ‘review’ the design process until the fundamental issues had been addressed.  Maintenance consultancy also formed a key role post completion to ensure the continuity of the scheme design and quality.

Each project undertaken by CFA was backed up by a wide range of skills and expertise within the Practice. Photographic and 3D Visualization, Audio-Visual presentations and CAD drawings were employed for the design process, in conjunction with other professionals working with the project collaboration tools such as FTP sites, BIW & A-site.

Charles Funke Associates always played a key role in the design, implementation and completion of the schemes whether large or small, from public squares and Masterplans to residential gardens. Working actively alongside the client and other key professionals in the design team, CFA placed emphasis on client value. ‘Landscape is not what it is today, but what it becomes tomorrow’

CFA were Chartered Landscape Architects and a registered Practice with the Landscape Institute.