Project name

Project Cravat, Dublin

As part of A & L Goodbody Corporate Headquarters, this award winning atrium design was the result of a joint design venture between CFA & STW.

The building features a central atrium space rising through six storeys. The space is focused upon the design of an intricate circular timber flooring with curved timber seating and Ficus longifolia trees with the canopies kept tight. The statement tree is a 12m ht. Ficus benjamina, under planted with Asplenium nidus ‘Avis’. Phyllostachys specimens create a green wall filtering views.

A rectangular waterbody is bridged by an extension of the flooring articulating the main desire line and encouraging people to walk through the heart of the space. This atrium is equally impressive when viewed from the balconies above, as when experienced from within.

Client: A & L Goodbody
Architects: Scott Tallon Walker Architects