Project name

Penthouse Roof Garden, London

The brief was to create the structural form of the spaces that could then be populated, catering for passive recreation and additional garden furnishings.

The layout of the garden is based on a Mondrian pattern of juxtaposed squares and rectangles, represented at ground level by the transition from hardwood decking, to granite paving. The alignment of the planters completes the effect, creating a sequence of interlocked rooms.

Boundary screening, for privacy and wind mitigation, was also required and as such both the outer and inner privacy screens were formed with a variety of evergreen hedge species. Maximising views of Battersea Power Station and the Grade Listed Thames Water Pumping Station Tower were also critical to the design.

Depth over the suspended concrete slab was limited, but innovative planting design created shallow, linear beds for species such as Thyme, Rosemary and grasses at paved level.

The design also included ground wash lighting to encourage evening use and a timer activated irrigation system.