Project name

20 Gracechurch Street, London

The brief was to design and enhance the external landscape of George Yard and the new entrance to 20 Gracechurch Street building, which would be of high quality and usable public realm, a social focus and a vibrant mix of all year round uses.
Circulation inside the space was a major design issue with the requirement for George Yard and constraints included sizable air intake and extract vents which were subtly incorporated into the planter/seat design which have allowed for clear desire lines for pedestrian movement to and from George Yard, enabling it to work effectively and relate to its surroundings

The space is predominantly hard landscape which uses Yorkstone flag paving with granite radiating out from the circular planter and seat forms. The bespoke seating was design in co-ordination with Factory Furniture. The planting pallet introducing a soft element into the scheme was considered in relation to sun and shade patterns, scale, security, sustainability and ongoing maintenance.

Planting is due to be compleated in 2012

Architect: ORMS
Project Manager: GVA Second London Wall