Project name

Petershill, London

Petershill is located to the South of St. Pauls Cathedral on the axis of the Millennium Bridge and Tate Gallery. The Landscape Architecture at Petershill is predominantly hard urban townscape, but the fundamental focus and definition to the spaces will be provided by planting.

The design seeks to achieve maximum accessibility throughout the linked network of useable public open space that the scheme provides, using robust detailing and quality natural materials befitting the environs.

Specimen trees form a single line alongside the top level of Petershill Steps/Sermon Lane framing, but not obstructing, the vista to St Pauls. The tree grove at the heart of the scheme emanates from raised seating planters. Underplanting in the raised planters and framework shrub planting comprises formally clipped evergreen ‘tables’.

Client: Metropolitan English Properties Corporation Ltd.
Architect: Rolfe Judd