Project name

School of Nursing, Dundalk College of Technology, Dundalk, Ireland

This project was for a new School of Nursing to be sited on the campus at Dundalk Institute of Technology. The Client was the Estates Manager at Dundalk Institute of Technology.
CFA worked with Scott Tallon Walker Architects to develop an updated college campus which incorporated the new School of Nursing. The challenge was to create a new campus landscape with a modern campus image and which also integrated the adjoining property which had been acquired by the Institute.

The brief also included the design of a sensory garden within the School of Nursing.

The design focused on a new front of house landscape for the School of Nursing involving new hard paving and semi mature tree planting. The landscape also involved creating a setting for a new sculpture.
Earth contouring of a stream running through the site opened this up as a feature within the campus and at the same time opened up the campus to flow into the adjoining property thereby creating a much more extensive campus for the future. At the same time views of the campus from the main road were opened up with extensive but informal semi mature tree planting forming a parkland landscape which united the original Institute buildings with the School of Nursing and the adjoining acquired property.

Client: Dundalk Institute of Technology
Architect: Scott Tallon Walker Architects