Project name

St Swithins, London

Surrounded by the built form of urban London, St Swithins is a key green space within the heart of the City.The design for St Swithins Church yard has been informed both by the history associated with the garden and the gardens potential to provide a valuable green pocket within the City of London.

The dynamics of the space have been influenced by the introduction of curves which represent movement through the garden. These curves relate to those of the proposed built form and inform the hard and soft spatial arrangement of the garden. All these elements are fixed to create a pattern which is the basis of the landscape design and underpins the design intent.
All plant material selected for the garden has been carefully considered for its ability to deal with the location and conditions associated to the site. Initial site survey have shown that ericaceous plants are very well suited to the existing site conditions, by careful selection of the correct soil specification for the garden a planting palette of an ericaceous nature has been introduced. The plants selected are shallow rooting to minimise the effect to below ground conditions, with minimal excavation needed on site.