Project name

Central Saint Giles, London

Central Saint Giles is a mixed use development, which will include offices, housing, retail and public space. Renzo Piano’s design has made the large building permeable and inviting.  The floating island of office space and apartments above a lively public piazza will become an exemplar for high-density, mixed-use developments in the city.

The Landscape Masterplan will create public and semi-private spaces with a vibrant purpose. The creation of public animated spaces, which are both welcoming and inclusive for all, should create a vibrant mix of all year round uses.

Considerable research has gone into taking the landscape from ground level into the building.

An 18 meter and a 14 meter Quercus palustris are located within the main plaza, whist clear stem Platanus acerifolia (The London Plane), Sophora japonica and Ginkgo biloba are proposed for St Giles High Street and Dyott Street.

These species have been carefully considered with relation to their proposed environment of fluctuating temperatures. Tolerance of both high summer temperatures and low winter extremes are typical of the proposed species.

Green Roofs will be used within the development; Sedum roofs will span over 4 levels whilst two intensive accessible green roof terrace across office and residential buildings will be created. Planting within the terraces will contain a variety of shrubs which will give all year round colour and fragrance. Please visit our Central Saint Giles Roof Garden Page.

A further feature of the development will be the sustainable use of attenuated water. The planting will be irrigated by means of an automated irrigation system which will be supplied by attenuated rain water harvested on site.


Client: Legal & General Assurance Society LTD, Mitsubishi Estate Company

Developer: Stanhope

Architect: Renzo Piano

Executive Architects: Fletcher Priest Architects

Start – Finish Date:   Mar 2005 - Oct 2009