Project name

New Court, London

The Architect’s concept was for a series of evergreen rooms, set out within a formal garden grid. The rooms create a sheltered environment for informal meetings and entertaining, the planters and trees create vertical accent and visual and biodiversity interest each with a seasonal interest.

CFA were tasked with taking the initial concept through to successful detail design, plant procurement and implementation. Detailed plant procurement and preparation was critical in achieving this instant impact landscape, many floors up in the sky with only limited growing medium available.

CFA designed the movable planters on the exterior of the space as a means of ‘greening’ the boundary. The Planters were GRP clad in stainless steel with a system of crank handles for raising and lowering the planters from their legs and on to non-marking rubber wheels.

The Clients vision was for them to be moveable much as if they were on a stage or film set. The dimensions allow them to be moved in to the garden space temporarily and yet appear part of the overall fabric landscape setting for the roof.


Client: N M Rothschild

Architects: Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), Allies and Morrison

Landscape Architect/Consultant: CFA