Project name


CFA produced a concept design for the Level 10 residential roof terrace at Nova, Victoria. The design of the roof terrace provided a landscape response that complimented the architectural form of the building. The terrace includes a pavilion which is a social hub for residents and seen as a high spec amenity.

The terrace design utilises raised planters and canopies to provide seating enclosure and a modern chic environment in which to socialise. The layout divides the linear terrace into smaller usable spaces that promote conversation and align with punctuated windows within the exterior walls of the terrace.

The overall design was heavily influenced by the varying architecture and resulted in distinct character zones. It was a requirement to provide privacy between roof terrace users and the overlooking apartments, whilst maintaining views to the wider surroundings, including Buckingham Palace. The subsequent design response was to providing a gently sloping landscape towards the wider surroundings.

The scheme also accommodated an innovative play space and social gathering ground for young people.

Client: Land Securities

Landscape Architects: CFA

CGI Visualisations: Visualisation One