Project name

IGA 2003 Exhibition in Rostock, Germany

CFA’s design represents a journey through time; incorporating a bedouin hut of traditional construction, made entirely from materials of the date palm, to the modern 15m tall glass pyramid structure, containing plants. The shape of this structure represents the sail of the traditional sailing craft of the region, ‘the Dhow’. The 1500m² garden represents the advances in horticulture since the Sheikh came into power in the 1960’s.

A European fruit orchard stands in a desert of sand, flown in from Al-Ain in Abu Dhabi along with 5 authentic date palms that tower over the garden. A traditional Arab irrigation channel, ‘falaj’, divides the old and new, introducing the life force of the desert ‘water’ to complete the scene.

This garden was originally built for the IGA 2003 Exhibition in Rostock, Germany. The garden in its entirety, together with the pyramid, has been reconstructed in the Botanical Gardens Hamburg. the garden was officially opened in Hamburg on 20th June 2005.


Client: The Late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan
Engineer: Engenieurbüro Reincke