Drawing on the combined experience of our team of Landscape Architects, Garden Designers and Horticulturalists our designs ideas are founded around an in depth knowledge and understanding of the flora we use. To date we have completed gardens from large estates, in partnership with Jeffrey Jellicoe, to small highly detailed city gardens, tailored to the specific desires of the client.

Private Garden, Surrey

Historical Country estate in Surrey. The conceptual design by Sir Jeffrey Jellicoe.
CFA appointed as lead landscape consultant. The grounds and works included extensive water bodies and lake environment.

Private Garden, Sunningdale

Tittenhurst Park is a 60 acre country house estate. Our brief included the hard and soft landscape architectural design. The landscape embodies both formal and informal elements. The enhancement of the landscape in the existing parkland included the creation of a major arboretum and major extensions to the existing lake body. In addition a stream valley was formed with a series of water features together with lush waterside planting and timber with stepping down to the main lake. The parkland landscape was generally enhanced by the addition of the new semi mature trees.

Wimbledon, London

For this private garden CFA created a green theatre that emphasized different scenes along its length. Hedges separate the different spaces giving the eye the opportunity to look at individual places, without breaking the continuity of the garden. It is a calm space, with its axis focused on a pinnacle water sculpture.

The contrast in the shape of the planting, the different materials used, created interest in the garden without compromising its simplicity. Plants such as clipped Taxus and Buxus were chosen for their foliage colour and architectural shape.

Penthouse Roof Garden, London

The brief was to create the structural form of the spaces that could then be populated, catering for passive recreation and additional garden furnishings.

The layout of the garden is based on a Mondrian pattern of juxtaposed squares and rectangles, represented at ground level by the transition from hardwood decking, to granite paving. The alignment of the planters completes the effect, creating a sequence of interlocked rooms.

St Ives, Cambridgeshire

This private garden of approximately 2700m2 was formed after an initial consultation with the client. From this we determined the practical uses that the garden needed to include, as well as thoughts and discussions on elements within the garden, both planting and architectural. 

Herbaceous planting, giving summer colour, forms the majority of the planting borders with feature trees such as Magnolia and Betula. These are backed by low architectural walls. This combination adopts a more contemporary style whilst retaining a cottage garden planting pallet. 

Wootten Bassett, Wiltshire

The design focus was to divide this once open and exposed garden down into smaller, more intimate rooms, whilst retaining the views out to the wider landscape.