Grosvenor Waterside, London

Grosvenor Waterside is located on the north bank of the River Thames alongside the Thames Water Western Pumping Station and mainline railway into Victoria Station. The Grosvenor Waterside scheme is a phased regeneration project that seeks to redevelop two brownfield sites, primarily for residential use. The two sites were formerly occupied by Westminster Council and Thames Water.

Central Saint Giles, London

Central Saint Giles is a mixed use development, which will include offices, housing, retail and public space. Renzo Piano’s design has made the large building permeable and inviting.  The floating island of office space and apartments above a lively public piazza will become an exemplar for high-density, mixed-use developments in the city.

The Landscape Masterplan will create public and semi-private spaces with a vibrant purpose. The creation of public animated spaces, which are both welcoming and inclusive for all, should create a vibrant mix of all year round uses.

Marsh Wall

CFA provided landscape and urban realm design services for a mixed use, residential scheme in Docklands. The 54 Marsh Wall scheme was submitted to the London Borough of Tower Hamlets by lead consultants Rolfe Judd (Architecture and Planning).